Mysteries of the Kingdom

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    Discipleship quickly gets messy. It takes love, time, patience, and a tailored curriculum to meet the unique experiences and unique needs of each disciple. In the shuffle of customized discipleship however, I have often looked back and seen my failure to lay out the essential building blocks every believer needs to understand.
     In the audio below (the last in a series of three), I present a framework or gameplan for covering the essentials of the faith to a new disciple. I gave this presentation (like this first one and this second one) to a large group of active disciplemakers, not to a normal audience. So the pace is abnormally fast with many points purposely left unconnected in order to entice the listeners into personally investigating each topic. The audio presentation directly refers to the following passages:

1. Romans 1:1-4 The Gospel of Christ with the Proof of the Gospel
        - Teach what Jesus called the gospel when speaking to outsiders
        - Teach what news the Apostles proclaimed to outsiders
        - Teach what the Apostles preached as the proof of their news

2. Romans chapters 3-8
        - 3:21-28 “Redemption” in 24, “Propitiation” in 25, “Maintain” in 28
        - 4  By believing the message of God
        - 5  The Great War of Adam, rebellion, sin, death, Jesus, obedience, grace, and life.
        - 6:11  Renew your mind (Ep4:20-24) by: Reckon dead, Reckon a new creation, Put on Jesus
        - 6:13,19  Present your organs
        - 7  Paul illustrates wearing the old man
        - 8:13  The Holy Spirit is the power of Reckoning and of all new things

3. Romans chapters 12-16 
        - 12:1-2 Present your organs (Rm6:13,19) and Renew your mind (Ep4:20-24; Rm6:11)
        - Humility (12:3,16)
        - Unity (12:4-8; 14:1-23; 16:16-18)
        - Devotion (12:9-13,15,17-19; 13:1-12; 15:1-12; 16:19)
        - Commission (12:14,20-21; 15:13-33; 16:20-27)

4. Great Commission in Matthew 28:16-20
        - Who What When Where How & Why

5. Matthew 22:37 as primary to Matthew 28:20
        - How to miraculously listen to your Lover (Bible study/journaling) Deut 8:3,16
        - How to miraculously talk to your Lover (Prayer)
        - How to miraculously treasure the gifts of your Lover (Memorization)

6. Great Commission in Mark 16:14-20
        - Who What When Where How & Why

7. Great Commission in Luke 24:33-53
        - Who What(Acts1:4,14,24; Mt26:36; Mk14:32; Acts9:6-11) When Where How & Why

8. Great Commission in John 20:21-23
        - Powers and glory of the kingdom of this world versus Matthew 5:3-12 by Jesus & us

9. Great Commission in Acts 1:8; 22:15; 26:18
        - Who What When Where How & Why(Acts 26:18)

10. What kind of organ are you?
        - Lists of gifts in Romans 12, 1Corinthians 12, and Ephesians 4
        - Paul invites us to ask God for more spiritual gifts (1Cor 14:1,13)
        - Ask God for discernment of your disciple’s gifting so you can affirm him/her

      Thank you for listening, and please...

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"Plan for Discipleship" by Matthew Bryan was first published at on May 9th, 2013. All rights are reserved. Scriptures quoted in the audio are from the NASB