Mysteries of the Kingdom

            in awe of scripture, viewing it through the lens of the kingship of Jesus


Pastor Paul Dyar, Territorial Overseer, Church of God: "Matthew Bryan is a wonderful author, great speaker and disciple-maker. His humility, passion for prayer, desire for discipleship, and depth of character exemplify Christian living. As he is led by the Spirit, Matthew brings new perspective to the timeless treasures found in the Word of God. His books and seminars challenge my life and the lives of others. "

Michael Horner, Area Director, Man in the Mirror Ministries: "Matthew came and spoke to the High School boys at Faith Baptist Church. He is authentic and has a powerful way of connecting to hearts of all ages. I highly recommend inviting him to come and share what the Holy Spirit lays on his heart."

Rev. Bill Berry, Director, Battle Plan Ministries: "If you've read Matthew Bryan's recent book, Superpower - Praying Like the Ancients - you know his insight into the prayer-life of Christians. Matthew has spoken to a men's group for the ministry I lead; and his interaction with our ministry has had powerful discipleship impact on the men (see If you have questions about Matthew's speaking or testimony, feel free to contact me."

Dr. Larry R. Browning, Jr: "Matthew Bryan was invited to our Connection Class one Sunday to speak on the subject of "Biblical Manhood". He gave all of us much to think about and pressed us to examine ourselves. His presentation was engaging and relevant. Every man should hear this message."

Londa Hayden, President, Bartlett Christian Writers: "Matthew Bryan's 'Desperation' really speaks to the heart of those who suffer with addiction and long to be free from such strongholds. His personal commitment to prayer and passion to teach others how to pray has made an astounding difference in many lives."

Jerry Potter, Aaron Prayer Ministry Leader: "Matthew has been kind enough over the years to come and speak to the prayer ministry at Faith Baptist Church. Matthew is not only an incredible teacher on prayer, but he is a man of prayer. I have learned more about prayer from just listening to him pray than I have from all the books on prayer that I have read over the years."