Mysteries of the Kingdom

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     When the first ambassadors of King Jesus spoke out in public for the very first time, thousands of spiritual babies came to life in need of solid teaching. To nourish the spiritual newborns, King Jesus' ambassadors immediately "laid a foundation" for them regarding their new Kingdom-identities. Based on the clues in Acts one and two, we need to personally know and reteach new believers their Kingdom-identity the way Paul taught it, not only to the Romans but to every church he established.
     The audio below is the second in a series of three. I gave this presentation (like the first one) to a large group of active disciplemakers, not to a normal audience. So the pace is abnormally fast with many points purposely left unconnected in order to entice the listeners into personally investigating each topic. When Paul taught new believers their Kingdom identity, he taught them to "reckon" four things to themselves. The first is found in Romans 3 as marked below with "1)" and the other three are numbered below in Romans 6.
     The listener is encouraged to take notes and especially to record the four points of Kingdom-identity which King Jesus' ambassadors taught us to "reckon" to ourselves. The audio presentation directly refers to the following passages:

        - Acts 1:3, 2:36, 2:38, 2:42
        - Eph 2:20 / 1Cor 3:10 / Col 1:5-8; 4:12-13

        - ROMANS 1:1-4
        - ROMANS 3:21-28
        - ROMANS 4
        - ROMANS 5
        - ROMANS 6:11
        - Eph 4:20-24 / 2Cor 4:16
        - ROMANS 7-8
        - ROMANS 9-11
        - ROMANS 12:1-2
        - ROMANS 13:12-14

      Thank you for listening, and please...

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"Foundation of the Apostles" by Matthew Bryan was first published at on May 5th, 2013. All rights are reserved. Scriptures quoted in the audio are from NASB