Mysteries of the Kingdom


     Rene Descartes said, "I think, therefore I am." From that simple and self-evident declaration, he built his proof of the existence of God of the human soul. Building from the axioms that we exist and observe the world with some degree of accuracy, here are 10 steps of logic from simply "I exist" to "Logic requires me to believe the Judeo-Christian Bible."

     1.  I believe I exist.

     2.  I believe my observation of the world around me is fairly reliable.

     3.  All that I observe is an effect of a cause which is itself an effect of a previous cause which is itself... etcetera.

     4.  Without an uncaused First Cause, there would be no effects; therefore there must be a First Cause.

     5.  Causes are always greater than or equal to their effects.

     6.  Personality is greater than impersonality, therefore the First Cause must be personal.

     7.  Love is greater than lack of love, therefore the First Cause must be completely loving.

     8.  Justice is greater than injustice, therefore the First Cause must be completely just.

     9.  Communication is greater than noncommunication, therefore the First Cause must be communicational.

   10. Among the time-tested, primary books which this world offers as holding communication from the First Cause, only the Judeo-Christian Bible presents the First Cause as communicating personally, with complete love, and complete justice. Only in the crucifixion of King Jesus does the First Cause both lovingly forgive sinners and maintain full justice for sin.

    11. Logic requires me to believe the Judeo-Christian Bible.

The above logic draws on Descartes, Kalam, Anselm, and various front porch conversations with friends.

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"Philosophy 101" by Matthew Bryan was first published at March 16th, 2013. All rights are reserved.