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September, 2017 - Greek Textbook Created

Finally finished, with 15 advance copies ordered! If you have considered learning Biblical Greek, but never taken the plunge, I need your help. Most Koine Greek textbooks are designed for seminary student, learning at a college-level pace. "Bible Greek the Simpler Way" is my new Greek tutorial book. It presents the language at an eighth grade learning level.

I believe I've boiled it down to the just the essentials that people need, in order to read Scripture in Greek. Bible Greek the Simpler Way offers memorable clues and tips that make Koine much easier, with less memorization. If you can commit to spending 30 minutes a day in Greek study, send me an email. Some of these 15 textbooks are already claimed, but I need a few more people to try them out for me and let me know if they encounter any problems as they learn.

The books will not be published for about a year. I will mail an advance copy for free to those who are kind enough to test it out for me.

August, 2017 - Greet Textbook in Development

     Guinea pigs needed! I've been away from the blog for most of the summer, cranking out a resource for anyone interested in learning to read Scripture in Greek. Very few people even try to learn Greek, but it is possible for most Christians to learn the necessary basics of the language in less than one year.

Since most of the people in America who learn about Greek are Protestant pastors, Greek textbooks in this country generally offer college level information at too fast of a pace for many people. I have completed the first draft of a slower paced and more intuitive resource for learning Greek. If you have an interest in learning to read Greek Scripture a simpler way, contact me. I will be giving away beta copies of the book to a handful of people in order to get their feedback for possible improvements.

January, 2017 - "Best of 2016" Recognition


     This one has been cooking for a long time, but I finally received proof copies of "New Creations" in the mail this week. "New Creations" covers the essentials of Christian faith and will help any believer resolve a harmful habit. I have habits that need to go away. Doesn't everyone? More news is coming very soon as I look forward to making it available to everyone.

    I'm still hard at work on several more projects. Stay tuned!

JUNE 2015 - Conciliar Post

     I am honored to have been accepted as a regular contributor to Conciliar Post, an ecumenical website which posts articles from Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Eastern Orthodox perspectives. I enjoyed and learned from the website for several months before submitting what I thought would be a guest article. The website hosts invited me instead to contribute articles twice a month. My first two articles went up this month, defending the orthodoxy of two marginalized forms of orthodox Christianity: Assyrian Christianity and Dispensationalism. Stop by the site and browse; there's a lot to learn and a loving tone in almost every article.

DECEMBER 2014 - New Release Date

     I'm tardy with news updates. In November, I signed a publishing contract with Greatest Stories Ever Told which is led by Paul Pavao. We had been working together on editing "Forgotten Gospel" for months and hoped to release it on December 2nd. Just before Thanksgiving however, Paul was rediagnosed with cancer. He had survived an aggressive form of Leukemia and now must contend with Lymphoma. Thus, the December release date was deferred until February 2nd, Candlemas for those who follow the liturgical calendar.
    I look forward to getting "Forgotten Gospel" into hands and onto bookshelves. Please pray God's plan for this scandalous little book comes to pass.


     The details are not final, but it looks like I will have a publishing contract for "Forgotten Gospel"! As some may know, I had a publishing contract for my first book, "Desperation," but the publisher needed changes to the manuscript I was unwilling to make, so I self-published it. "Forgotten Gospel" and this new publisher appear to make a much better match.
    An artist is also working on a custom painting for potential use as cover art for "Forgotten Gospel."
    While a little more editing is still in order, my greatest hurdle at this point is locking down endorsements. "Forgotten Gospel" deals with the most sensitive evangelical topic of all (the gospel) in such a challenging way that endorsements from conventional pastors might take a miracle. So that's what I'm praying for: the miracle of endorsements for a book that directly challenges the evangelical idea of "gospel."
    Please pray for me to connect with the right people in the right way to gain endorsements for this scandalous little book.
-Thank you!


     After six weeks, none of my beta readers had finished reading the book. The sign on the side of the book-development road read, "Warning: Boring Book Ahead!" Not knowing what else to do, I spent the better part of a month just copy-editing while waiting for feedback from the beta readers.
     A major breakthrough happened this week! After deciding to cut the three most boring chapters from the middle of the book, it finally dawned on me what was wrong. One of the three boring chapters has now been rewritten and moved to a better sequence. The second boring chapter has been changed into an appendix, and I'm now rewriting the third of the three boring chapters to improve the consistency of theme and the consistency of terminology.
    This update may not mean much to the reader, but it's fabulous news to the writer. A boring-ectomy surgery has been performed without compromising book content. Yay!
    Please keep praying for me.


     Promises broken! I hoped to have a rough draft by New Year's Day, but just finished the rough draft in late January. Mike Sisson and Steve DeRidder trudged through the roughest form of the first four chapters and provided some harsh (and necessarily so) criticism which was so greatly appreciated. After revising that quarter of the book, I sent 1/2 the manuscript to Bo Randle and Paul Pavao. Their feedback was kinder. Hopefully they didn't pull punches!
     With a completed rough draft, I did an initial edit and ordered editing copies to be printed. I should have them by Feb 12th, at which point I will beg David Hicks of King's College and the venerable Christian Flood to join the critique process. Next stop: (hopefully in early March). Then it's off to the literary query process.
     I did invest any time in querying my first two books. They were fairly personal and intended for close friends, but the new volume is different. More detail soon! Please pray for me.


     Serious thankyou's go out to Bo Randle, Paul Pavao, Mike Sisson, and David Hicks for helping me form the right plan for my new book . Or rather, I should say "books." My first two books totaled about 20,000 words each (100 pages). I have grown comfortable with that kind of length. For comparison, I have written about 55,000 words of material for my new book over the last year. 55,000 words would make the next book a much thicker text than I would prefer to put in a reader's hands.
     With the help of the four men listed above, I now plan to produce two books instead of one. The formation of two books will enable me to bring together two different sets of informations for two different kinds of audiences.
     I will provide more info on my two intended audience and the crazy two-book plan on this webpage in January. I hope to have completed rewrites for the first book by the end of 2013. Please pray for me to write well, write clearly, and write engagingly. I need God's help!


     Two years ago, I had the privilege of teaching prayer on the island of Roatan as a three day conference. Each evening approximately 100 believers from four English speaking churches worshipped with Carolyn Long and learned practical ways to grow in prayer.
     Five prayer warriors came from Memphis for the event, and God showed us great favor by answering many specific requests including several healings. At the end of the week, we served Spanish speaking pastors with teaching and intensive prayer.
     This October several of us will return to present another prayer conference and pastors' conference. We will have some new teammates from Memphis joining us to learn, practice, and serve in prayer. Please pray for our preparations and for a strong moving of God on Roatan. We eagerly look forward to this prayer-adventure.

SEPTEMBER 15TH, 2013 - G.E.M.

     Earlier this year, God used Brad Nelson to introduce me to Keusi Donald. Soup Campbell of Eikon Ministries has discipled Brother Keusi for years, and they often travel together to teach discipleship conferences. God connected Keusi and I through prayer and eventually prompted him to invite me to serve as an assistant pastor alongside him and Dr. Eduardo Wells to plant a new congregation in South Memphis.
     Our congregation has adopted the name "God's Expectation Ministries" based on His expection in John 10:10 that we live overflowing lives through His Son Jesus. GEM has begun meeting Sundays at 2PM and will officially launch September 15, 2013. Our meetings are currently held at 4770 Cromwell on the West end of the building, suite 104. Cromwell is the first traffic light on Perkins to the South of Winchester in Memphis.
     Our lead pastor, Dr. Wells, has the gift of evangelism with the heart of a shepherd. We look forward to equipping each person to serve God's plan in humble connection with God's people.


     Thank you for visiting! I've recently slowed my blogging pace consider- ably as I prepare to serve for a week in Honduras in late October. The week in Honduras will include at least five speaking engagements covering a wide range of topics for four or more churches in addition to a pastor's conference. Lots of speaking means lots of writing in preparation, so my available time for blogging has diminished dramatically. The likely pace through October will be my posting new articles several times a month rather than my norm of 1-2 articles per week.  
     If you would like to receive an email notification of each new blog post, please send an email to me at  Thanks again for visiting the site. Please be sure to check out all six of the anchor articles above and feel free to peruse the archive. I look forward to exploring more "Mysteries of the Kingdom" and getting your feedback by email or via Twitter @romans611 .