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The New Species

    The Last Adam fulfilled the debt of earth's first ruler, conquered the usurper, and established (like the first Adam) a new species.

"He will see His seed."

    He took Adamic DNA into death, sealing up the old species by obeying as Adam should have obeyed and suffering Adam's consequences. When he returned victorious to Adam's DNA, he did God-knows-what to it. Those who are in the Anointed are part of the new humanity. We are new creations (2Cor 5:17). We are veiled for now in Adamic flesh, but consider how crazy amazing is this new species - that Romans 8:19 says the whole planet is eagerly looking forward to seeing our glory.

    This is "Christus Victor," the old, old story of Christianity which was unintentionally veiled in the West by Thomas Aquinas 800 years ago. Most of those dying martyrs' deaths today in Egypt, Syria, and Iraq are neither Roman Catholic nor Protestant. They do not believe God punished Jesus, yet they are Christians who believe Christ (the Anointed King) died for our sins. How can one believe the Anointed died for our sins without believing God punished Jesus? They believe that Romans 5:19 is atonement and that Romans 5:19 explains Romans 3:24-25. Yes, that's theology nerd-dom, but Scripture contains this grand story which is preached loudly in the East and too rarely heard in the West: the Last Adam has come, has conquered, and has infected our species with True Life. Come catch the disease by bowing to the conquering King, and be transformed!

    He did not just resurrect a pierced body. He resurrected human DNA as something far greater, something holy, something so glorious that it has to be veiled until Romans 8:19 comes to pass and this planet has the joy of seeing us.

    To claim, "I'm just a sinner saved by grace" has every good intention, yet spits in the face of Romans 8:19. Paul said he was the chief of sinners, but please read 1Tim 1:15 in context (verses 12-17). Paul was not claiming "sinner" as his current identity, but as his former. Yes we "have sin" as John says, but we are not characterized by it. Sin is an anomaly for those who are in the Anointed because Galatians 5:19-21 says those who practice sin will not inherit God's kingdom. We turn from sin and we obey Romans 6:11 because we have been transformed; we have been born of God; we have been grafted into the True Vine; and we are cemented to one another as the temple where God lives.

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