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How the Old & New Testaments Fit Together

    Any reader can feel discouraged trying to understand how the Bible fits together. With a length of 1,500 pages, some pretty serious content, and a major time gap, it can be intimidating to try to view it as one book rather than a bunch of puzzle pieces. To deepen the problem, the Bible's written styles and messages vary widely because the authors wrote from a wide background of personalities, geography, and vocations. We love the diversity of Scripture's content, but the following pointers might help show how it all fits together.

    The Bible reports key events and truths which inform how humans can interact with the First Cause of the universe. We usually divide the Bible between "Old Testament" and "New Testament." These titles refer to how God first related to the nation of Israel and how God now offers to relate to everyone. The word "Testament" means a formal covenant which is a deep and bonding relationship like a marriage. If we wanted to simplify the labels, then we could call the Old Testament the "Old Marriage" and the New Testament the "New Marriage." Testaments are covenant relationships between God and humans.

    From each of the two "Marriage" sections of the Bible, we find three major forms of writing. The Old Marriage section contains:
  1. Historical writing
  2. Prophetic writing
  3. Poetic writing
    The New Marriage contains:
  1. Historical writing
  2. Prophetic writing
  3. Letter writing
    In the Old Marriage, the historical writings reported the events of God's marriage to Israel. The historical writings of the New Marriage report the events of God's offer of marriage to all humans.

    Prophetic writings tell about the future. Much of the prophecies in the Old Marriage have already occurred while a few have not. The reverse is true of the New Marriage prophecies as a few of them have occurred, but far more lay ahead of us.

    The poetic writings of the Old Marriage include wisdom writings, songs, and philosophy. The letter writings of the New Marriage teach readers how to live out their faith.

The Bible reports the key events from the past and the future which inform how humans can interact with the First Cause of all things.1

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1. For the sake of simplicity, "the Bible" is treated in this article as the Protestant canon. For information regarding the Bible canons of Roman and Eastern forms of Christianity, <click here>.
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