Mysteries of the Kingdom

            in awe of scripture, viewing it through the lens of the kingship of Jesus

FORGOTTEN GOSPEL: The Original Message of a Conquering King

Mike Smith, Lead Pastor of Victory Church, West Memphis, AR: "One of the most important books I've read in the last 30 years"

Andy Savage, Teaching Pastor of Highpoint Church, Memphis, TN: "After more than 20 years in Protestant Christian ministry, I realized my understanding of the Gospel was not wrong, but certainly incomplete... This book is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with the 'Kingdom Gospel' which truly is the Gospel."
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SUPERPOWER: Praying Like the Ancients

Paul Pavao, Elder of Rose Creek Village: "Well-written, straightforward, easy to read, powerfully motivating, convicting yet encouraging at the same time. Superheroes may not be your preferred way to illustrate prayer, but you won't find this book worldly or watered down. If you take it seriously, it will take your breath away when you read it and change your life when you do it. There's not many books like this. Maybe there's not any like this on prayer. There's not many books I wish I could bump up to six stars, but this would be one of them."

Rev. Bill Berry, Director of Battle Plan Ministries: "Matthew Bryan's book, Superpower: Praying Like the Ancients, has helped me to capture a lot more power for spiritual warfare than I've ever had in my Christian life. The book really taps into a truth about post-modern Christians, who've let cultural stereotypes dampen the power of prayer in their lives. But when one can capture a lot of the superpower of the ancient biblical heroes, which has been cleverly illustrated by Bryan from some of our comic-book heroes, we Christians can release much more power for spiritual warfare by taking the high ground for battle in prayer. I hope others will get this book and open up the power God has intended for any of His warriors in our daily battles with Satan, the world, and our own flesh. <'BB><"

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Small Group Leader: "Recovering Addicts and Recovering Pharisees will both find great encouragement from Matthew Bryan's power packed little black book. I like it so much I have given away a dozen copies and spent the better part of a year going through it again with a weekly men's group. Bryan has a fresh and powerful way of sharing the Bible's message. His short and hard hitting chapters (handy for daily devotions or weekly discussion groups) describe how God has delivered him from besetting sins as a Christian and replaced them with love and joy in relationship with the triune God. His chapters on the essential of humility ("do the dumb thing; pray for hurts so good!") are alone worth the price of the book!"

Tom: Awesome book filled with truth. Best book I've read in a long time and it was very unique. Would recommend for anyone.

Larry R Browning: "What a wonderful book! Matthew Bryan has great insight into the spiritual aspect of coming to the end of yourself and surrendering to God. This book is far more than a book about beating an addiction. It is about how we are to biblically die to ourself and allow the Holy Spirit to live IN and THROUGH us. I highly recommend it!"

David: "Get out your highlighter or your pen! If you are serious about experiencing His fullness more, if you desire to find that joy and peace that He promises, then read this book. Read it, and ask for courage to follow its advice. This well written, fast paced guide brings the reader to a deeper understanding of his/her need for Him, and gives practical advice on how to posture the heart and position the will to live for Him. This book is for true seekers. Its precepts are truly biblical. I give it my highest recommendation."

Tim K: "I am not a heavy reader, but this book was engaging and kept my attention from beginning to end. A short read that is full of truth, real life, and encouragement to anyone struggling with a stronghold or sin and the potential guilt that goes along with the sin. This book is full of scripture to affirm and hold on to as we all deal with the pull of this world, and it is a book that I have passed on to many of the young men in our student ministry to receive encouragement without condemnation. Highly recommended!!"

Trish: "After reading this book, I knew I had to get this out to the men in my life. I did, and the testimony of those who have read it are so amazing. This is truly a book every young man should read before going out into the "world." Mr. Bryan is truly a gifted writer, and I look forward to reading more books by this upcoming new author."

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The Best of E. M. Bounds for ADHD Christians

"I've been using the E.M. Bounds prayer book for the last month during my devotions every morning and loving it. An excellent job of compiling an absolute treasure of teaching. The best praise I can give is that I'm praying more, and perhaps differently."
     -Dr. Joe Weaver

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