Mysteries of the Kingdom


    After Peter preached the very first apostolic sermon, we read in Acts 2:41-42, "So then, those who had received his word were baptized... They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles' teaching..." Have you ever wondered what the apostles taught those new believers in Acts 2:42? When someone is spiritually born, what should we feed the newborn child of God? After they taught, "Jesus is King," what was the Second Teaching of the apostles?
     Perhaps their teaching expanded on Peter's "second teaching" in 2:38. First he had preached from 2:22 to 2:36 the proof that Jesus is King. Then, when the crowd believed (Acts2:37), Peter briefly called them into four things:

          - Repentance
          - Baptism
          - Forgiveness
          - The gift of the Holy Spirit

     Where, oh where in scripture can we find an apostle expounding on such foundational teaching? Where can we find an apostle teaching believers he has never before met about repentance, baptism, forgiveness, and the gift of the Holy Spirit?
     Romans. The first of the epistles is also the only epistle addressed to a people who appear to have neither been taught by an Apostle, nor taught by someone like Epaphrus who had apostolic endorsement as a foundational teacher. Since Romans is the only book addressed to a church who has not received apostolic discipleship, we may expect Romans to expound on the "second teaching" of Peter, the foundational truths of the faith. I believe Romans chapters one through eight is the "teaching of the apostles" in Acts 2:42, the elaboration of Acts 2:38, and the foundational truths for all believers. First, we preach Jesus is King. Second, we teach repentance, baptism, forgiveness, and the gift of the Holy Spirit.
     I am convinced every believer must understand what Romans 3:21-25 says about forgiveness. Every believer must learn what Romans 6:2-11 teaches about baptism. Every believer needs to hear what Romans 6:11-23 teaches about lasting repentance. And every believer needs to understand how Romans chapter eight enables us to walk in the Holy Spirit.
     My initial presentation of the Second Teaching can be found <here>. Please pray for me as I labor to present the Second Teaching more often and more effectively. Please pray for me and Tom Day as we have begun collaborating on a discipleship resource that will empower citizens of Jesus to personalize the Second Teaching and reteach it to others. And pray for me, please, for discernment and direction for the new book I am writing.

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