Mysteries of the Kingdom

            in awe of scripture, viewing it through the lens of the kingship of Jesus


     War broke out in the heavens. The great cherub1 full of beauty and wisdom2 turned against the Creator of the universe. The greatness of his beauty3 and of his work4 twisted his wisdom to do violence.5 He took up the weapons of accusations and lies. He said the stars and the glory of God should no longer be above himself.6 He would raise his own throne above the stars and glory of God7, ending the rule of the Master.8
     A third of the heavenly creatures agreed.9 They would no longer be swayed by God's splendor to serve His every word.10 If the great cherub would be lifted up, he would give them freedom.11 They said every creature in the heavens should serve his own desires and be his own master.12 Accusations and lies were hurled by the cherub.13 Michael and his angels fought back14 with truth and testimony until no place remained in all of heaven for the cherub and his followers.15 The Master cast His enemy to earth.16

     Adam and Eve walked the earth, commissioned by God to subdue all things and have dominion over all creatures which "move upon the earth", multiplying themselves as God's authority on earth.17 Into their domain God sent the great cherub to join the ranks of those whom Adam and Eve should subdue. The cherub became the wisest of the creatures18 which "move upon the earth."19
     The great Enemy did not cower before God's appointed any more than he had cowered before their Master. The Enemy deceived Queen Eve.20 King Adam then followed her lead, not as one deceived21, but as a law-breaking rebel.22 Eve had followed the Enemy by mistake. Adam knowingly transgressed the command of the Master23, setting up the Enemy as the new master of earth.24 All authority on earth bent their knees that day25 to the former cherub. By Adam and Eve's obedience, God's enemy became lord to his own glory.26
     God had allowed this battle to occur. He could have kept the enemy away from earth's rulers but He did not.27 God could have intervened when the battle began, but He did not. He allowed the battle to happen, then came to the battlefield when all was lost.28 He came with a promise of retaliation.29 The Creator and Master of heaven and earth promised a child of the deceived woman would be crippled by the Enemy, yet would strike directly at the Enemy's head - at his headship30 and authority over the earth.31
     The former king and queen of earth became pawns of the new king.32 Their children proved who ruled the earth because every pawn-child of Adam and Eve sinned.33 The Ruler of this world implemented his rule on earth through sin.34 Sin ruled the earth with death35 and condemnation.36 All sinned. All died. All were condemned.37

     A man named Abram believed God, and God counted his belief as if it were obedience.38 The Creator renamed him Abraham39 and established through him a peculiar people to receive the Creator's laws and promises, including His promise of a new kingdom.40 God promised the people of Abraham that He would establish a new King and kingdom which would utterly destroy all kingdoms and authorities of earth.41 King Adam and Queen Eve's dominion had not lasted, but God promised the new King would rule for earth for Him forever.42
     When the time was ripe43, a simple-looking man44 from God's peculiar people proclaimed the gospel was the fact that God's promised kingdom had come near.45 He made bold claims about Himself46 and performed miraculous signs.47 When His learner-followers discovered He was the promised King of the promised kingdom, He commanded them to tell no one He was King.48 He said God's peculiar people had to reject Him, that He had to die, and that He had to rise from the dead.49 The miracle-working, kingdom proclaiming man diligently kept His kingship a secret from God's peculiar people.50
     After three years of preaching and miracles, the peculiar people welcomed the man who was secretly king into their capitol city as if He were their promised King.51 Five days later, the crowds and their leaders rejected Him and handed Him over to be killed by the greatest kingdom on earth, the Roman Empire.52

     When the rejected man rose from death, He told His followers, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me."53 For the first time since Adam's rebellion, heaven and earth were ruled by one King. With all of the authority in the universe, He then commanded His followers, "Therefore as you are going, make learner-followers of all the nations, submerging them into the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you. Behold I am with you, even to the end of the age."54
     King Adam and Queen Eve had been commissioned to rule the world for God and multiply themselves, but they had disobeyed and surrendered their dominion to God's enemy. In contrast, the new King of earth had spent three years multiplying Himself in the lives of His learner-followers. He had obeyed God in every way that Adam and Eve failed. Not only had He multiplied Himself, but He commanded His learner-followers to multiply themselves throughout the world. They obeyed. The first strategy of the new kingdom is to multiply ourselves as learner-followers of the King. The authority of the new kingdom spreads when we obey the King's first command and strategy - making learner-followers of all nations, submerging them into the authority of the new kingdom and teaching them to obey the new King.55

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